Is it useful to prepare for IELTS on the Online Platform?
Indeed, online preparation for such a demanding exam like IELTS requires thorough training and commitment. MasterIELTS Online has been created by professionals who have used unique methods, which allow you to prepare for IELTS, making it not only convenient but also efficient.
What English level should I have to prepare for IELTS online?
You should have basic skills in listening, reading and also you should be familiar with English grammar and vocabulary, approximately at an Intermediate level or higher. In case you want to assess your English level, you can take the assessment test.
Which online course will be suitable for me?
While choosing a course, it is necessary for you to take into consideration three factors: your current English level, the required score and time that you have for preparation. In case your English is not fluent enough, or you need an ambitious score (6.5 and higher), we recommend you to choose IELTS Expert or IELTS Pro. In these courses, our professional IELTS Experts will help you improve your skills in all four sections and will support you consistently to help you progress.
Will the platform help me to improve my writing and speaking skills?
Our platform has been created in a way that you can not only acquire all the necessary information for every part of the exam but also can practise all the acquired skills while doing IELTS tasks. Writing and Speaking tasks are not exceptions. You can quickly send your essays to your personal IELTS Expert, who will check them and give you feedback with comments about your mistakes and will also advise you on how to improve your essays. As for speaking, you have the opportunity to send the recordings of your answers to the questions. Constant feedback for your answers will help you to recognise your weak and strong points, which will help you to work in the right direction.
Is it quite enough to use only the Online Platform for preparation, or should I study with a tutor as well?
The amount of information for the IELTS exam on the platform is comparable to the volume of knowledge you can get from 30 lessons in a classroom. That is why you do not need additional lessons with a tutor. Our platform will provide you with all the necessary knowledge and even will help you to improve your English skills!
What is the difference between MasterIELTS Online and other online preparation courses?
1. Professionalism. Our program is created by professional IELTS experts from around the world.
2. Uniqueness. All the materials, tasks and tests are 100% unique.
3. Individual approach. You can choose a program according to your requirements, abilities and study at your convenience.
4. Price. We care about our students, that is why we aspire to give you the best price-quality ratio.
5. Care. Our experts support you during the entire course period.
6. Quality. The effectiveness of our program is proven by numerous testimonials from our students who have already taken IELTS and passed it with a high score. You can read them on our review page.
In case you have questions, we'll be very happy to answer them.
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