IELTS Expert

This course is suitable for those who

  • have an intermediate level of English (this equal to IELTS band 5.5).
  • are going to pass General IELTS in 2-3 months and want to prepare thoroughly.
  • want to receive professional assessments from certified IELTS experts.
  • need 7.0 or higher in IELTS.

Advantages of this course

  • You will acquire all the essential skills to answer all different types of questions effectively.
  • You will learn over 300 words in the most common IELTS topics.
  • During the course, you will improve your grammar skills and become more flexible in using a variety of sentence structures in speaking and writing.
  • You will receive 8 essays corrected and 16 recorded speaking answers will be assessed.

Course description

An effective 3-month program which will allow you to study at any convenient place under the supervision of an experienced IELTS-trainer. The course will guide you step by step to acquire useful skills to pass the exam successfully.

$ 295
90 Days
  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Speaking
The duration of this section is 15 Days.

Topics of Listening lessons:

  • Understanding the context 
  • How to avoid distractors 
  • How to avoid spelling mistakes 
  • How to predict the missing word 
  • How to understand paraphrasing 
  • How to complete tables and diagrams 
  • Learning how to complete flow charts 
  • How to answer classification questions 
  • Learning to understand attitudes and opinions 
  • The effective approach to answering multiple choice questions 
  • Learning to complete a summary based on lecture talk

    You will have 10 lessons and 5 complete Listening tests during the course