IELTS Listening

This course is suitable for those who

  • have Intermediate/Upper-Intermediate level of English and higher
  • want to focus only on Listening part of IELTS
  • need a flexible schedule
  • need more Listening practice tests


Advantages of this course

  • Affordability (in comparison with books, where you can find only 4 practice tests without proper explanation)
  • Effective strategies of coping with all types of IELTS Listening tasks
  • Tips and hints on how to avoid common mistakes in Listening
  • More Listening practice tests
  • Ability to check the answers immediately
  • Unique materials
  • Good sound quality
  • The course is structured from simple to complex.
  • Video lessons from Professional IELTS Experts
  • Constant motivation from Smart Plan

Course description

With 45 days unlimited access to the Listening part and step-by-step guidance during the entire course period, you have the opportunity to prepare for Listening effectively. You will improve your Listening score significantly, practising on Sample tests acquiring all the necessary strategies for achieving more than 7.0 in IELTS.

$ 59
45 Days
The duration of this section is 45 Days.

IELTS Listening Course plan

You will have 8 lessons in the listening module
and will have 5 complete practice tests.
Topics covered in the listening module:


  • Understanding the context
  • How to avoid distractors
  • How to avoid spelling mistakes
  • How to predict the missing word
  • How to understand paraphrasing
  • How to complete tables and diagrams
  • Learning how to complete flow charts
  • How to answer classification questions
  • Learning to understand attitudes and opinions
  • The effective approach to answering multiple choice questions
  • Learning to complete a summary based on lecture talk
The duration of this section is 0 Days.
The duration of this section is 0 Days.
The duration of this section is 0 Days.