IELTS Writing

This course is suitable for those who

  • have an intermediate level of English (this equal to IELTS band 5.5).
  • are going to pass General IELTS in 2-3 months and want to prepare thoroughly.
  • want to receive professional assessments from certified IELTS experts.
  • need 7.0 or higher in IELTS.

Advantages of this course

  • Affordability (you get 10 essays checked + well-structured course for preparation. Usual price for 1 essay checked is 25$)
  • Logically structured course which will guide you to the desired score
  • Constant support from professional IELTS experts
  • Useful vocabulary on the most common IELTS topics
  • Grammar reference for the higher score
  • You will learn the structure of all six types of essays
  • Professional assessment according to 4 IELTS marking criteria
  • Video lessons from Professional IELTS Experts
  • Constant motivation from Smart Plan

Course description

$ 149
90 Days
The duration of this section is 60 Days.

Topics of the Writing Lessons: 

  • How to use tenses effectively 
  • Becoming familiar with different types of essays and their structure 
  • Learning how to organise your ideas 
  • How to use articles accurately 
  • Becoming familiar with sentence structures 
  • How to be accurate with punctuations 
  • How to make our writing formal 

During the course you will learn how to write all the types of Writing Task 2:

  • Reason/Problem solution essays 
  • Opinion Essays 
  • Discussions essays 
  • Two question essays

You will acquire more than 200 words on the following topics:

  • Crime 
  • Media
  • Technology 
  • Environment 
  • Education 
  • Globalisation 
  • Arts 
  • Social issues 

IELTS General

  • How to write formal letters
  • How to write informal letters
  • How to write semi-formal letters