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Advantages of this course

Course description

With 90 days of unlimited access to the site and step-by-step guidance during the entire course period, you have the opportunity to prepare for Academic IELTS Writing effectively. You will improve your English level significantly at your own pace, practising grammar thoroughly and acquiring a large volume of new vocabulary on the most common IELTS topics. Moreover, your expert will assess your progress with feedback on your essays and will suggest the best ways of improving your writing skills. 

$ 149
90 Days
The duration of this section is 60 Days.

IELTS Academic Writing Course Plan

You will have 15 lessons and will have 10 essays corrected with detailed feedback

Topics covered in Writing Course:


  • How to use tenses effectively 
  • Becoming familiar with different types of essays and their structure 
  • Learning how to organise your ideas 
  • How to use articles accurately 
  • Becoming familiar with sentence structures 
  • How to be accurate with punctuations 
  • How to make our writing formal


During the course you will master writing the following Task 2 essays:


  • Reason/Problem solution essays 
  • Opinion Essays 
  • Discussions essays 
  • Two question essays

IELTS Academic


  • How to describe line graphs/Bar charts/Pie charts 
  • How to describe maps and processes

You will learn over 200 formal words on the following essay topics:


  • Crime 
  • Media
  • Technology 
  • Environment 
  • Education 
  • Globalisation 
  • Arts 
  • Social issues