IELTS Speaking

This course is suitable for those who

  • have Intermediate/Upper-Intermediate level of English and higher
  • want to focus only on Speaking part of IELTS
  • need a flexible schedule
  • want to understand how to improve Speaking working on their level under the professional guidance of IELTS expert.


Advantages of this course

  • 15 lessons 
  • Special lesson to improve your grammar which is necessary for IELTS.
  • Learning useful vocabulary and idioms on the most common IELTS topics.
  • More than 10 video-lessons by professional IELTS experts on effective speaking strategies
  • Audios of more than 12 sample answers of a band score of 9.0 with scripts.
  • Ability to record your own answers right on the platform and receive professional feedback from IELTS Exert.
  • 15 IELTS Speaking recordings with professional detailed feedback of IELTS expert according to 4 marking criteria with recommendations.

Course description

With 60 days of unlimited access to the Speaking and step-by-step guidance during the entire course period, you have the opportunity to prepare for IELTS Speaking effectively. You will improve your English level significantly at your own pace, practising grammar thoroughly and acquiring a large volume of new vocabulary. In IELTS Speaking course your personal expert will assess your progress by giving professional feedback on your answers and will suggest the best ways of improving your speaking skills. 

$ 149
60 Days
The duration of this section is 60 Days.

IELTS Speaking Course Plan:

You will have 15 lessons in the Speaking module and will have 
15 speaking answers assessed by professional IELTS trainer. Moreover, you will have 3 one on one Skype sessions with an IELTS trainer.

Topics covered in Speaking Course:


  • 5 effective ways to answer part 1 questions 
  • The strategy to answer part 2 questions 
  • How to paraphrase while speaking
  • How to use modal verbs while speaking 
  • How to use cleft sentences 
  • How to use conditionals


You will learn useful expressions, idioms and specific words related to the topics below:


  • Occupation 
  • Studies 
  • Places & Hometown 
  • Leisure time 
  • Films/Music and Books 
  • People
  • Technology 
  • Sports 
  • Food & Restaurants 
  • Travelling 
  • Fashion 
  • Family